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  B usiness Opportunities is one of the most critically delicate type of real estate transaction. This is where most deals fail due to the lack of knowledge, breach of confidentiality or simply an unaware business owner trying to undertake such monumental task. Capital Nest and Pan Florida Realty have joined forces in the Business Opportunities – M&A segment of our industry and are well equipped with knowledgeable brokers and agents. We have acquired years of experience on the subject via the many veteran brokers and agents that can put their years of experience to your use and benefit. Please note and browse the following specifics for an overview of this service that we offer and most certainly the same applies for any Merger and/or Acquisitions you may be considering as well. If you are considering selling or buying a business, contact us now.
  • It may take up to two years to sell or buy a business
  • Consult with us before listing or buying a business
  • Our initial consultation is complementary and at no cost to you
  • The difference could be worth millions to you and to other business stakeholders
  • Don’t risk this critical venture to fail. We are the experts with a proven track record to help you
  • Call any of our Key Team members today to help you setup your transaction
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You choose how we are compensated for selling your business or buying one.
  • Capital Nest gives you the choice of compensating us based on success at the end of the assignment only or paying a modest fee up front to us to value and “package” the business for sale or purchase. It is your choice!
  • Up-front fees are deducted from the Success Fees upon completion of the assignment.
  • We earn our “Success Fee” when you sell or buy a business.
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  Let us discuss with you a complete comprehensive list of what you should prepare to sell or buy a business in strict confidentiality. Our seasoned team knows every aspect of this type of transactions and will only steer you on to the right path for a successful outcome. Capital Nest is on one indispensable source to utilize in preparing and layout the foundation work for your success. Making any wrong decision in this type of transaction can prove to be a costly one where in the worst case scenario, not only will your transaction not success, but you may harm your business operation in the process. Call us today for a highly confident initial consultation regarding your Business Opportunities and any Mergers and Acquisitions needs. Your contact with us will be held strictly confidential due to the nature of this type of transaction. Capital Nest  

Contact Capital Nest for a more in-depth packet of information. One can be sent to you via a PDF file or a Hard Copy packet complete with additional qualifications for your review and consideration.


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