Multi-Family Real Estate

  M ulty-family real estate is a great was to start a career as real estate investor. Capital Nest has devised a certain mean and method to quickly identify and make available to its Clients viable multi-family deals. This type of investment is one of the best was for investors to earn passive income. Their management is relatively easy to handle and the overhead and costs to carry are much less than other type of commercial real estate. Some of the types of Multi-Family real estate we handle include:
  • Duplex
  • Four-Plex
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Mixed-Use Buildings
  • Apartment Communities
Let us share with you the inventory that is currently available and make your next investment in the most cost effective and high cap rate producing type real estate. Many of our associates always have some multi-family type offering to show you.

Contact Capital Nest for a more in-depth packet of information. One can be sent to you via a PDF file or a Hard Copy packet complete with additional qualifications for your review and consideration.


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